Algorithm Afternoon

Welcome Algorithm Lover! #

Algorithm Afternoon is your home to discover and code clever algorithms on lazy afternoons.

  1. Grab a hot beverage (☕)
  2. Pick an algorithm (👈)
  3. Start coding (❤️)

Can’t choose? Try: Simulated Annealing, or Genetic Algorithm, or Particle Swarm.

If you get stuck, see the help section.

Praise #

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Algorithms #

Hi I’m Jason Brownlee and I’m an algorithm geek like you. Learn more.

Algorithms are listed in the table of contents (left) and are roughly grouped by type.

I included mostly stochastic optimization algorithms drawn from across subfields of computer science, such as: computational intelligence and metaheuristics. You could call them machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms if you like.

Code #

Why not share your code with fellow algorithm lovers?

  • Save all of your algorithm code in a public repository, e.g. on github or gitlab.
  • Share a link to your code with me: complete my “share your code” form.
  • Share a link to your code with algorithm loving communities on twitter, reddit, and linkedin.

If there’s interest, I may set up code page, comments, forum, etc. Collaboration with fellow algorithm geeks might be even more fun!

Mini-Books #

As requested, you can now explore algorithm mini-books, e.g.:

Genetic Algorithm Afternoon
Particle Swarm Afternoon
Simulated Annealing Afternoon